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The IJSmart is an international publishing platform, providing facilities to writers, researchers, scientists and engineers to publish their data. The publishing company covers original and unpublished researches, surveys, books, blogs, eBooks and review of papers of all the aspects of research from all over the world.

ijsmart publishing
ijsmart publishing
ijsmart publishing

Perfect Time

Finding a reliable and affordable professional publication company is a time-taking task. Don’t worry! IJSmart Publications can help you with it. From review to publication of the manuscripts, we ensure an efficient and agile procedure.

Quality & Trustworthy

The verified, highly skilled and experienced team professionals will reassure the quality of publications to ensure your satisfaction and earn your trust.

High Standards

We offer guaranteed accomplishment of each publication in a way that is according to the unique needs of every researcher.

IJSmart Book Publishers

IJSmart is rendering a vital service in the quality publication that publishes books, e-books, journals, blogs, and conferences. These titles are indexed in recognized indexing agencies. IJSmart has an extensive library of books in the areas of science, technology, and health sciences. IJSmart Books publishes monographs, handbooks, conference proceedings, textbooks, review volumes, biographies, and autobiographies.

We are in close contact with our authors to cater to their needs, to help them on their way to publishing and marketing their books:

  • We provide special rewards to our authors (Complete publicity)
  • We go the extra mile to build the authors reputation (Virtual Launching ceremony)
  • We are always there to help you (WhatsApp us at +92-3166633738)


Conference Proceedings

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Overview of All World Muslim Educational Conference 2022 (AWMEC'22)

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The hypocrite world

"What Makes Us Unique?" and Why We Work?''

IJSmart are a very good communicators and find it’s easy for us to relate to other people. We really enjoy learning new things and constantly seeking out new learning opportunities. Our prior experience in publication service has provided us with unique technical skills that We can apply to this role. Working at a start-up gave us an opportunity to understand the ins-and-outs of the business, and to take on tasks we might not have at a larger company. We think this experience gives us a slight edge over other applicants. ” 

IJSmart is not afraid of failure. In fact, we think it is an essential part of the experimental process that gets you to success. When solving problems, we apply both logic and emotional aspects in equal proportion. For instance, we trained in SEO and understand how to use analytics to ensure a marketing campaign is successful, but we also majored in design and know-how to apply creativity to a project as well.

Publish Your Books with IJSmart Publications

For scholars/authors all over the world, publishing years of research in recognized publication company has always been a must-do. Publishing is well recognised to be a time-consuming procedure. The publishing process can be intimidating for many authors, especially first-timers. Outright rejections occur when publishing protocols are not followed. As a result, the harsh truth of publishing is that more manuscripts are rejected than accepted, much alone published. 

IJSmart Publications will provide you a solution of all these problems. We promise to publish your research because we help you to improve your content to be get published with IJSmart publication. We never reject. We support you always, its IJSmart promise to you. We are always keen to discuss new publishing projects. If you wish to publish a special issue, conference proceedings or a e-book, please contact us at


Govt of Punjab

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IJSmart Publishing Company is registered in Punjab Government under registeration number 9534407.

Natioanl Library of Pakistan

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IJSmart Publishing Company is registered in Pakistan Natioanl Library under ISBN number 627-7593.

Federal Board of Revenue

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IJSmart Publishing is fully integrated with the Federal Board of Revenue, formerly known as Central Board of Revenue.


WorldCat is the world’s largest network of library content and services. IJSmart publication is connected to WorldCat libraries, which are dedicated to providing access to their resources on the Web, where most people start their search for information.


ijsmart Community

IJSmart Publishing has signed the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) in support of the movement towards the responsible use of research metrics within mathematics.



IJSmart Publishing is fully integrated with Scienceopen. ScienceOpen can provide technical infrastructure for manuscript submission, peer review management, open access hosting, article versioning, distribution, analytics and APC management for journals and (coming soon) books. 

Creative Commons Licence


IJSmart publishing has significant change to its copyright arrangements for research published on an open access basis in the company’s wholly owned journals, proceedings, and for bibliographic metadata.

iThenticate Screening


iThenticate plagiarism screening software across all academic journals. Submitted articles will be screened with iThenticate plagiarism screening software before peer review.



IJSmart Publishing is fully integrated with ORCID. When publishing a book, journal, chapter, article, or conducting review activities for journals, we will collect your ORCID iD.



A reviewer’s input to the editorial process is invaluable, and as publishers, we seek recognize the efforts of reviewers. The ways reviewers currently receive recognition varies from journal to journal.


ijsmart community

The IJSmart Publications is available on Ringgold’s Identify Database. The IJSmart Publications is authoritative reference database  curated by Ringgold.

IJSmart Trademark

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The IJSmart Publishing owns the well-established registered logo and trademark thus achieving a key sustainability goal via digitalization. A trademark protects intellectual property.

How to publish your e-Book with IJSmart Publications?

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We are cooperating with worldwide operating distributors Amazon as well as with local distributors in already 40 countries as of yet. Our well developed distribution network guarantees a continuous and worldwide marketing of your book.

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Benefits of Publishing with Us

Join IJSmart Publishing in its mission to publish the best data, while increasing your work's visibility. We connect you with people all over the world and help you advance your career through wide readership, dissemination, and higher citation counts.

Author in the Center

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Built by authors, for authors. Our uniquely personal approach, day-to-day support, and all of the tools you need to make your work accessible worldwide



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Robust peer-review ensures your work is suitable for publication and of interest to the scientific community


Online First

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Early online publication after acceptance assures research is made available to the scientific community without delay


IJSmart Publishing joins the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Publishers Compact

IJSmart Publishing is proud to announce that we have joined the United Nations SDG Publishers Compact as part of our ongoing commitment to increase awareness, publish and promote scientific research in support of the global SDG programme.

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research development program

Our Research Development Program

IJSmart Publishing Company starts a new research development program entitled “All World Muslim Educational Conference (AWMEC)” for Pakistan. This program is imitated in the Chiniot

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