AWMEC"22 Conference Speakers


Researchers (National & International) hardly ever gathered at one platform to discuss the matter of mutual interest. Researchers (National & International) never assembled after the “All-India Muhammadan Educational Conference” event at the local level. The AWMEC’22 vision is to gather all researcher (National & International) in one platform not only from cities, or provinces but from all over the world. All researchers (National & International) are encouraged to take part in this conference and discuss their ideas.


AWMEC’22 (All World Muslim Educational Conference) is instrumental in providing an opportunity for researchers (National & International) to display their inborn qualities. People from all over the world, from all religions, from all talents (scientific knowledge, experiments, and theories, methods, and techniques, books, reports, abstracts, research papers, review papers, e-books, experience essays, poetry, research, issues), and all area of study (Islamic studies, Legal Studies, Sciences, Islamiat, history, geography, Math, Social Studies, Technology, Medical, Economic etc) can join this conference. AWMEC’22 (All World Muslim Educational Conference) is an open platform for all the researchres all over the world to be connected.  Prospective members are encouraged to submit papers/ideas for evaluation by the Scientific Committee.Prospective authors, researchers, and students (both National and International) are encouraged to submit papers for evaluation by the Scientific Committee.


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