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Welcome to AWMEC’22 –  AWMEC is the research development program of IJSmart Publishing Company®. All World Muslim Educational Conference 2022 (AWMEC’22) is the new phase of All India Muslim Educational Conference (AIMEC) started by our leader Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan.

All India Muhammadan Educational Conference (AIMEC)1886
All India Muslim Educational Conference (AIMEC)1923
All World Muslim Educational Conference (AWMEC)2022

Its a is a hybrid conference occuring physically (for the resaerchers who are able to attend the conference in the venue) and virtually (for the researchers who are not able to attend the conference physically). All World Muslim Educational Conference 2022 (AWMEC’22), is going to be held in all across Pakistan. IJSmart Publishing Company® (A book and e-Book publishing Company) is organising this conference. The first conference of the IJSmart Publishing Company® will be held in Chiniot City (FAST-National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences Chiniot Faisalabad Campus, Loonay wala Stop, Sargodha-Faisalabad Road), the reason for choosing this conference to be held in Chiniot is because of the lack of research development in Chiniot City.  AWMEC’22 (All World Muslim Educational Conference 2022) is instrumental in providing an opportunity for researchers (National & International) to display their inborn qualities. People from all over the world, from all religions, from all talents (scientific knowledge, experiments, and theories, methods, and techniques, books, reports, abstracts, research papers, review papers, e-books, experience essays, poetry, research, issues), and all area of study (Islamic studies, Legal Studies, Sciences, history, geography, Math, Social Studies, Technology, Medical, Economic etc) can join this conference. AWMEC’22 (All World Muslim Educational Conference 2022) is an open platform for all the researchers all over the world to be connected.  Prospective members are encouraged to submit papers/ideas for evaluation by the Scientific Committee. Prospective authors, researchers, and students (both National and International) are encouraged to submit papers for evaluation by the Scientific Committee.

Aims & Objectives

The “All World Muslim Educational Conference 2022 (AWMEC’22)” adopting a charter of aims and objective as under:

  • To provide a common platform for Muslims & non muslims (Ullama, researchers, scholars, doctors, and common people) to promote and encourage their research or ideas (all scientific, & social issues) worldwide.
  • To arrange a forum through which Muslims (from all disciplines) can be connected with others (non-Muslims) researchers.
  • To aware students of the research publications, and the importance of conferences.

  • To promote quality of education by promoting lifelong learning opportunities through conferences.

  • To promote SDG goal 4, Quality of education 

  • To produce future scientists

  •  To provide researchers a platform for the promotion of their research.

Through this conference, people will discuss their research ideas, educational issues, and national issues to pursue the path of national welfare and integration with renewed zeal and zest.

Vision of AWMEC'22

Muslims hardly ever gathered at one platform to discuss a matter of mutual interest. Muslims never assembled after the “All-India Muhammadan Educational Conference” event at the local level. The AWMEC’22 vision is to gather all Muslims in one platform not only from cities, or provinces but from all over the world. All Muslims are encouraged to take part in this conference and discuss their ideas.

 Speakers from different parts of the world will be sharing their knowledge. AWMEC’22 is providing opportunities to Muslims to display their inborn qualities


We want to see Pakistan as the top-ranked country in research. Our vision is to provide scholarships to researchers. 

Conference Theme

The theme of the conference is “Idea”, this idea can be any social issue, theory or any experiemental research. This conference accept the papers in folllowing areas:

  1. Life Sciences
    • Biological Sciences
    • Chemical Sciences
    • Physical Sciences
    • Medical Sciences
  2. Social Sciences
    • Linguistic & Literature
    • History
    • Management Science & Commerce
    • Religious Studies
    • Legal Studies
    • Finance
  3. IT, Technology & Engineering    
    • Computer Science & IT
    • Engineering
    • Mathematics                      
The theme is not limited to the above mentioned topics, for more detail of conference theme click here!

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline 
August 30, 2022 
Acceptance Notification
August 31, 2022 
Camera ready
September 12, 2022
August 31, 2022 


Papers must be written in English (until the 10-pages limit) and follow the formatting rules for Proceedings. Authors should submit only papers that have been carefully proofread and polished. Before submission please make sure that your paper is prepared using the conference paper template. This will ensure fast processing and publication. Any papers not fulfilling the requirements based on the guideline to authors will not be processed.

It is also the obligation of the authors to make sure that all sources of the research used in their papers have been adequately referenced. Papers with any kind of plagiarism will be systematically rejected. Authors are requested to submit their manuscript in PDF format following this link: (https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=awmec22).


More Information about the conference

  • To know about our organising Committtee click here: organising Committtee
  • To know about conference speakers click here: Speakers
  • To know about the conference Preeceeding publications and Accepted paper publications click here: Publications
  • To know about the details of conference theme and disciplines click here: Topics
  • To get to know more about the registeration process click here: Registeration
  • If you want to join us then click here: Join us

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