The conference venue All World Muslim Educational Conference 2022 (AWMEC’22) is The Fast National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Faisalabad-Chiniot Campus.

Ms. Saba Malik (Founder and CEO) and Mss. Iqra Iqbal (Chief finance officer) visit Fast National University. The university was seen and different ideas were noted for the main day event. A detailed discussion was held between Mr. Shafique, Ms. Saba Malik, and Ms. Iqra Malik. Meeting with different departments was very nice. During the meeting, Ms. Iqra Malik suggests ideas for the conference branding Fast National University.

conferenec venue
Conference Venue
conferenec venue
Conference Sitting

Mr. Shafique likes the ideas and promises to help us with our conference branding. The meeting ended with the final discussion of Moc conference preparation before the conference day.  Team members of AWMEC’22 also meet with the canteen manager and discussed the serving of guests, speakers, and listeners. IJ Smart Publications on behalf of the All-World Muslim Educational Conference are extremely grateful to the Director of Fast University who played an important role in providing the venue for the conference.

Conference Venue Discussion

For the conference venue management discussion they meet with the:

Student Affair Officer

The team meets with Mr. Shafique the student affair officer of Fast National university.  

IT Support Department

Hybrid conference requirements were discussed with the IT Support department.

Administration Department

Security agendas and maintenance systems were discussed.

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